Ayla’s First Easter Egg Hunt!   Leave a comment

Ayla Holding Easter Egg

Ayla went on her very first Easter egg hunt Saturday morning! I read about it in a mommy group newsletter, and thought it sounded like fun.

The fun was more for me and my mom, I think, as Ayla is still too little to truly understand what the point is. At first, I was hesitant, thinking that there really wouldn’t be any point if the big kids were simply going to steal all the eggs. But, reading on, I discovered that the hunts would be in stages. Children under two went first.

Ayla wasn’t in the best of moods that day. She was intrigued by the eggs, and wanted to go running around in the field. She saw all the colorful ovals on the ground, and loudly declared her indignance at not being allowed loose before the others. LOL

About ten seconds before “Go!” was shouted, Ayla managed to grab an egg. Oh well. *laughs*

Ayla with Her Easter Egg Basket Over Her Arm, and An Easter Egg In Her Hand

When the go ahead was given, Ayla and I crouched down at a patch of ground that was covered in eggs.

“Quick!” I urged. “Pick up the eggies, Ayla. Pick up!”

Stooping like a little pro, Ayla picked up an egg… and examined it. L.O.L. Obviously, she had no idea that we were on a bit of a time-versus-the-young-toddler-hands-snatch-and-grab-instinct schedule here.

“Ayla, put in!” I exclaimed, holding open her egg basket.

Did she obey?

Ayla Putting An Egg In Her Basket!

Why, yes she did!

The goal wasn’t to gather every egg in the enclosure. The competition of that won’t kick in until she’s three or four, I think, and probably not fully until she’s five or six. The eggs weren’t hidden, after all, only laid on the ground.

Ayla Reaching for Eggs As Mommy Helps Her

Ayla made out like a little bandit! Some little ones only got four or so. Ayla got at least ten, probably more. Honestly, I didn’t count them, which was stupid of me.

We still had fun.

Ayla Picking Up Easter Eggs with Mommy

Ayla Putting Eggs In Basket While Mommy Helps Her

After her Easter egg hunt, Ayla went on her very first pony ride!

She was not a fan. Hungry baby plus something new equals pitiful cry. Ah well, we’ll try again the next time the oppertunity comes around.

Ayla On Her Very First Pony Ride

When that little fiasco was over with, Ayla spent between three to five minutes staring at the animals in the petting zoo before we called it a morning. Abandoning the kiddos to pony rides, face painting, and pictures with the Easter Bunny (we’ll get ours this week), Ayla, mom and I went out for breakfast. Can you say “pancakes?” Ayla sure could. It sounded more like, “Numm-ih-NAA! but you catch the drift. Yes, the emphasis on the last syllable was intentional.

Why didn’t we take pictures with the Easter Bunny when he was so readily available? Simple. Ayla would have screamed. Long line plus hungry baby plus funky lookin’ rabbit plus snapped photo equals open-mouthed-misery. I didn’t want to put her through that; she still isn’t quite herself after being sick.

Anyway, I’m off to purchase a ladybug costume for Earth Day at school next Tuesday! Not for me, but for Ayla. Really. LOL

Until next time.


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